The California State University's Real Estate Scholarship and Internship Grant (RESIG) program provides financial assistance for qualified economically disadvantaged students enrolled in real estate courses and other activities in real estate at campuses in the California State University (CSU) system. A recipient must be either graduate or undergraduate student in one of the CSU campuses listed below.

Currently, the RESIG Program is available to the following campuses:
East Bay Fresno Fullerton
Northridge Sacramento San Bernardino
San Diego

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By submitting this application I certify that the information included in this application is complete and accurate. I also authorize the members of the RESIG Internship/Scholarship Committee and the manager of the RESIG Program to review this application as well as my academic record as may be required in connection with securing a scholarship or internship for me. I understand that scholarships or internships may be denied or withdrawn if any information reported on this application is found to be intentionally misleading or inaccurate. I understand that I must meet all award requirements at the time the award decisions are made and the funds are distributed to me.

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For help, view the Online RESIG Application Guide or contact your local campus program coordinator!
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